At Yerres (Essonne), a test radar was installed at a stop sign. It has a camera capable of measuring whether motorists burn the panel.


Sécurité routière : un radar au stop expérimenté


He recorded 500 offenses in half a day. A new radar was installed at a stop in the city of Yerres (Essonne). It measures if motorists mark well off the panel. An idea that is already cringe. "I'm tired of seeing cameras everywhere. It's outrageous," protested a conductive micro France 2.

Speed cameras at red lights already installed

The radar is equipped with a camera and an automatic reading system of number plates. Once the infringement found, the video is sent to the municipal police of the city, which will verbalize the driver at fault. This risk 135 euro fine and a deduction of four points if he gate a stop. The automobile associations denounce a "pump money". The family of radars is growing: Radar on red lights, and soon even mobile speed cameras on the lights and fake cameras to deter motorists to drive faster.

Source: France TV Info, Feb 19, 2016